Loving and learning at home

Stepping Stones is a privately owned homebased childcare community.
We cater for little ones from 3 months right through to school age. We teach from the heart with the goal of offering a warm, loving and adventurous environment for your tamariki (children).

Our Philosophy, our Heart

At Stepping Stones children explore, discover and flourish in a home away from home.  Children are loved as part of the educarers family, and their individuality, independence and confidence are nurtured.
Through strong relationships and open communication tamariki will flourish and fly!

Playgroup and Music

A unique part of our Stepping Stones whānau is our weekly playgroup and music groups, which our educarers attend with the children. This ensures children establish strong bonds their educarer and also the other educarers and their children, creating a strong, supportive community.


Our educarers are selected for their love of children, their professionalism and their commitment to our philosophy of providing heart-centred care. They are dedicated to giving your children the one-to-one attention and care they need to thrive and fly.

Get in touch Expression of Interest
Stories and snuggles help the children settle for the day at Educarer Louisa's home
We encourage our childrens' drawing and creativity
Exploration brings smiles of delight!
"Found you!"
Yum! Morning tea with our friends at Playgroup!
We finish with the parachute at the end of our gymnastics sessions

I have a network of strong women that have all taught me something, opened my mind and helped me grow as a woman

Amy - Educarer

I look after children in my home where they are loved and cared for as part of my family

Veronika - Educarer

Quiet moments are magical moments
A moment of spontaneous play - peek-a-boo!
You be you little man! Xx
We love our time at Playgroup with our Stepping Stones family
Taking turns and working together helps build social skills
The Botanical Gardens is one of our favourite places to gather
Morning tea at home with some friends who are visiting

Our Values


Love is at the heart of everything we do at Stepping Stones


Children and Educarers learn and adventure together


With love at the heart we are all able to learn, grow, flourish and fly!